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 Overall Opinion

By Gail M On 07/02/2022

I'm not losing the plot after all!!

I went to see Dr Shahzadi Harper of The Harper Clinic in early December literally at my wit's end and not knowing where to turn; I literally didn't know the person I had become.
Having visited my GP for menopause advice and not entirely happy with the appointment and subsequent prescription, I contacted The Harper Clinic for an appointment which came through quickly.
Following an excellent conversation where I felt completely listened to with an expert who truly understood, I was sent off immediately for blood tests. Within a few days ( and over the weekend), Dr Harper sent me my results and her proposed prescription, all very efficient and easy ( and done through an online pharmacist). I started to take my medication within 10 days of my appointment.
Eight weeks having started my medication, I feel completely different and it is such a relief. I hated who I'd become, miserable and short tempered. I feel so much more chilled out, happy and ready to look forward. Today I had my follow up appointment virtually and it was such an easy process and a fantastic catch up with Dr Harper, both of us happy with the progress I have made since our initial in person meeting. Dr Harper again listened to my feedback and has tweaked my prescription very slightly based on my feedback.......I am looking forward to seeing how I get on with the next step of my HRT journey.
I thoroughly recommend booking with Dr Harper ( and following her on Instagram!!), this is too complex a subject for most GP's and everyone is so different. So pleased I found her.

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