Review of The Harper Clinic : The Harper Clinic

 Overall Opinion

By Claire On 04/03/2022

Fantastic support

Dr Shahzadi Harper and her team have been wonderful throughout my treatment. I had been trying to get a diagnosis for a few years as to why I felt so dreadful. The GP kept dismissing me. I then spoke to a friend who had recently seen Dr Harper and she suggested my symptoms could be due to the perimenopause. I looked up the symptoms and the lightbulb turned on! Due to the pandemic I saw Dr Harper online which was just as good as being in the office with her. She undertook a detailed history and listened to my long list of symptoms. She prescribed HRT and this was delivered within 2 days of the appointment which was wonderful. We had a follow up appointment at which she told me that she would up my dose as although my symptoms had greatly improved, she knew I could feel even better. She was right. My migraines have reduced to only one a month from what felt like constantly having one, my mood has improved, my energy levels have increased and I am excited by life again. Thank you so much for just listening and acting on what you heard.

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