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By Linda Emmett  On 17/04/2023

Amazing . Everyone needs a Dr Harper

Dr Harper is truly amazing & a life saver. I first saw Dr Harper last September when I was at an all time low in my peri menopause journey after previously having been seen at NHS menopause clinic. By the end of my first appointment with Dr Harper I felt there was hope. She listened, discussed and advised with empathy & understanding. Blood tests were arranged for the same day followed speedily with Oestrogel & progesterone prescription. A follow up appointment 8 weeks later I was given testosterone which for me was the final piece of the jigsaw. After a few years of struggling with symptoms within a very short space of time of seeing Dr Harper I feel amazing & myself again. Everyone needs Dr Harper on their menopause journey. I highly recommend. The best decision I made was seeing Dr Harper.

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