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By Tania Walker On 23/03/2023

Life Saver!

I had the pleasure of meeting with Dr Shahzadi Harper in January this year.

When I had my initial appointment to say I was in a complete “Debbie downer” would have been an understatement. I had the text book “the house is in FIRE” hot flushes a sex drive that had left me exit stage left and a level of PMT rage that would have given Godzilla a run for their money.

Thankfully though Dr Harper was an amazing listener, that and the fact the form I had filled in prior to my appointment had given her a great insight to my mood. Her bed side manner was that of a horse whisperer and she knew how to get me back to feeling like a human being which is just what I had needed. Two months in and I feel like the person I used to be, my sleep has improved and the nightly runs to the toilet have subsided with my rage resuming to the normal pet peeve’s. So I can highly rate her in a heart beat in one word sum her up

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