Review of The Harper Clinic : The Harper Clinic

 Overall Opinion

By Frances On 30/08/2022

A Hand to Hold & A Guide along an Unknown Path

Sought help from Dr Shahzadi Harper after being very dismissed & not listened to by my GP Practice. It was so nice to come & sit in a lovely environment & be listened too. To have my long list of symptoms be addressed & not told to just get on with it or learn to live with it as I had previously been told. We discussed symptoms in terms of most upsetting or life effecting. Then discussed all suitable treatment options & their availability. Together we settled on a plan I felt happy with. I was lucky in that within the first week I noticed some symptoms like constant hot flushes & night sweats almost disappear. It is a balancing act as hormones do go up & down, but I know I can email Dr Harper if I have any fears or concerns & she will reply very quickly. Can’t express my gratitude for her advice, her time & her experience enough. After just one appointment I felt listened to, more informed & in charge of my body again. Then after 3 months of HRT I can ‘remember’ what it feels to me me again! Thank you

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