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By Amy C On 17/08/2021

Scarless ptosis bilateral surgery

After having a drooping left eyelid for over 5 years i was extremely self conscious. I was seen by the NHS and as the dropping lid was not extreme enough in their opinion for NHS to cover the correction surgery so i would need, i started to research private surgeons who could help me. I am so pleased my search sent me to Dr Sabrina, from the initial consultation i felt at ease and she even insisted i went to find 2nd opinions and take the time to consider my options before making any decisions. A few months later i came back to Dr Sabrina and booked my surgery with her. In the build up to the operation any question or concerns i had the team addressed so quickly. The surgery was an out patient procedure so i was in and out of the hospital within a few hours. Dr Sabrina greeted me at the hospital and made sure i was 100% confident with my decision. During the surgery Dr Sabrina chatted away to me throughout the operation and put me at ease. Once the local anaesthetic was administered the entire procedure was pain free and over so quickly. Immediately after surgery my eyes were blurry and i had to have someone to escort me home. The aftercare kit i was given was wonderful and i could manage any discomfort with Paracetamol and ice packs at home. I slept so well and rested for around 7-10 days as recommended, each day the swelling reduced and i had minimal bruising. I returned to work 10 days post op as almost all brusing and swelling was gone. 6 months post surgery I'm thrilled with the results and so thankful to Dr Sabrina and her team .

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