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By Lara, Az and Hudson On 26/05/2021

Who was your agent?: Chris Lang, Carly Holbrook and Austin Facer

Quick, Efficient, Professional, Straight Talking - What more could you ask for?

We all know that buying a house isn't always the easiest of tasks but, I have to say, the entire team at Chislehurst pulled together to make our new house purchase happen. There were times that we were all wondering if this sale would actually happen but I am delighted to say that their efforts paid off and we have now exchanged! We first spotted the house towards the latter part of February and here we are in May, all exchanged and just a couple of days away from completing. It's been full-on but a turnaround within 3 months is a true achievement, if you ask me. The team are straight-talking, professional and committed; just what you need from an Estate Agent. Each time I made a request to visit the property, the team always obliged and their response times are second to none. Thank you again.

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