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By Mark On 21/07/2020

Fantastic help

I have married to my wife for just over 26yrs we have a beautiful daughter and she was conceived naturally. My wife didn’t have the best time throughout her pregnancy and put on 4 and a half stone in weight. Then after the birth she started to suffer with postnatal depression. We got through all of this and she worked really hard and lost all of her pregnancy weight quickly.
After this we decided to have more children and we were finding it hard to conceive. Appointments were made and tests were done and we found out that the problem laid with me. However we were introduced to IVF and decided to go for it using a new treatment called Icsi. This is where the father’s sperm is injected into the eggs that have been harvested from the mother. My wife, to get the best chances regarding the eggs had been injecting herself daily with hormones. Unfortunately this didn’t work for us. However we have one beautiful daughter who is now 24.
Let’s fast forward to the present day. My wife has for the past 5 years suffering with anxiety, hot sweats, night sweats, and weight gain. All of these things at the beginning made her lose confidence which she’s never been short of …. She was a professional actress for 20 years after studying. My wife did lots of research and we soon learned that this could be the start of the menopause. GP appointments which were of no use and one GP female GP actually said after seeing her about her ridiculous periods that she was having to endure “ Well you’re a woman and that’s what happens.”
We saw a private consultant who took my wife’s blood test and analysed the results and put her on HRT. This had a really negative affect on her weight gain. Various miracle vitamins were bought and protein powders and everything that had the word Menopause were all tried. All of this tore at our relationship including the mood swings and arguments… I remember thinking at one point who is this woman I no longer know anymore. I`m sure that this is why a lot of relationships fail at this sort of age. She can’t cope with the changes and he is just helpless and confused with this new woman that’s moved in.
This whole process that I have typed was over a few years. Thank god my wife refused to give up.
We heard about Megs Menopause on the Internet and caught up with Dr Harper. We decided to have a consultation with her through the Covid lockdown this was done over the internet on a private call. She was brilliant and reassured us both, she explained things to us that we didn’t know and has put us, I believe on the right path with medication and lifestyle choices. I was also present at the consultation on the laptop. My wife now is on the correct path through Dr Harpers recommendations and also the correct medication for her personal needs. Everyone’s different and finding someone who is passionate and caring with a vast knowledge of this nightmare called Menopause has really helped us both.
I thank you Dr Harper and I personally couldn’t recommend you enough.

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